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Rural Accountancy Services

With many years of experience, we have been meeting the needs of farmers and rural clients since they were established in 1961.

When should you invest?

Did you realise that investment reliefs, rules and limits have changed every year for at least the last five years? If you invest at the wrong time you could miss out on valuable tax reliefs. Tell us about your plans and we can make sure that you time your purchases to get the best tax reliefs possible.

Consider succession planning

By planning ahead it is usually possible to transfer a farming business from one generation to the next with little or no tax cost. Without proper advice there are all manner of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax traps which could cost you serious amounts of money. Tell us your plans we can help you achieve your aim whilst avoiding these traps.

Financing problems?

Farmers are some of the most sought after customers for lenders so you should always consider all of your options when looking for finance. We can help you assess the relevant merits of what is available in the market place and help you to choose the right one for your business. For significant purchase such as land the savings could be substantial!

Accountancy Services For The Rural Community

With several of our partners growing up on farms we have a good understanding of agriculture and how things actually work on a farm.
We know you will want to take advantage of any tax reliefs and maybe need advice on planning for the future.  We will work closely with you to maximise the returns from your business whilst paying no more than the correct amount of tax.
Tax seems to get more complicated with every year that passes and we aim to guide you through these constantly changing rules by explaining things in a simple and straight forward way which you will understand.
With our many years of combined experience we are well placed to help you plan for the future such as expanding your farm or passing it onto the next generation.

We would love to hear from you and find out more about your business.

Don’t forget our initial consultation is genuinely FREE and with no obligation so why not contact us  today.

Happy Farmer

Neil Hocking

N. Hocking Butchers

We have used the professional services of Allen Sykes Accountants for seven years now, throughout our working relationship we have been extremely happy with the assistance which we have received.

Claire Carter

Collins Seafoods Ltd.

Their input into our monthly financial reviews is appreciated and it helps form an important part of our business strategy. It is reassuring that whenever we have any questions for them we know that they will be dealt with promptly.

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